PageSpeed Insights – How Important is a Good Performance Score?

Sometimes, you need to know about your PageSpeed Insights score. Most developers consider this score for improving the working ability of a website. There are some site owners with little or no technical knowledge, and they end up relying on PageSpeed Insights for checking the performance score of individual websites. It is often considered to be a useful tool, which helps to pinpoint major technical issues taking place on your website. These points might have a negative impact on your page’s performance and speed. But, here the major question is how important it is for you to have a good performance score. Let’s find out.

Page speed and how it impacts SEO:

How important is a good performance score of website?

To be honest, a lot! Proper page speed helps in impacting SEO growth. It was in 2010, when Google first announced that page speed can actually impact website ranking. It refers to the time when a visitor needs to wait for your page to load completely. On an average, a page load for e-commerce sites will take around 7 seconds, but the ideal time is 3 seconds or less.

This page speed will definitely have a huge impact on audience and their user experience. Bad UX can cause a serious loss of revenue if your prospective client has to wait way too long for finding what he or she wants. Eventually, this might close your site. Moreover, a slow page load is often resulted as a penalized website by search engines. It will impact your ranking not just on desktop devices but on mobile ones as well.

Google generally compares site to competitors on specified segment and attributes additional point, when you are fastest. However, you need to be careful as marks are not given unilaterally. It works based on the device, country or network.

What do you know about PageSpeed Insights?

Often termed as development tool by Google, PageSpeed Insights helps in analyzing performance of a site. According to Google, it helps in fetching URL two times, once for desktop user and another one for mobile users. After analyzing desktop and mobile versions of your website, it presents different scores from 0 to 100. Google follows its own rule sets for analyzing site. The rules are separated into speed and usability.

People are familiar with the list of speeding rules. This list comprises of improving server responding time, compression, minifying resources, leveraging browser caching, removing render blocking JS and optimizing images, to name a few.

Under the usability rules, you have adjusting content size to fit viewport, configuring viewport and proper use of font sizes. So, it is important to state that usability and speed are two major components of PageSpeed Insights for analyzing websites before presenting a score.

Reasons to use PageSpeed Insights:

Developers use PageSpeed Insights for gauging a site’s performance, after determining how well user experience has been handled. But, that’s where the main problem lies. Every website built has same objective as one before and that is to earn best revenue. Visitors are not going to stick around if the website loads slowly. They will leave and might never return if they fail to find ways to navigate through the website because of poor design. So, user retention is major reason on why you need to focus on good performance score.

Another major reason has to be associated with SEO. A website optimized for better search will have higher likelihood of acquiring more organic based traffic. It is the valuable form of traffic you can ask for. User experience and speed are both major ranking factors.

Let’s talk about importance of good performance score:

Some points and examples prove that PageSpeed score is mostly a slight bit of representation of performance and speed and not all. But, let’s get back to main question. How important it is to maintain a good performance score? It isn’t that important, to be honest. There are loads of factors, which can affect the speed of a website, user experience and the complete ability to convert visitors into customers or leads. Some of those factors are:

  • Page speed, along with mobile optimization

  • Content quality, like the length of the content and its relevancy

  • Backlinks and their numbers, along with quality of backlinks and the anchor text

  • Email based opt-in forms like placement of the forms and the use of relevant types of opt-in incentives

These factors are rather important than the score, which you might receive from Website Page Speed Insights. Therefore, chasing for perfect score is nothing but waste of resources and time, and even your client’s money. However, it is important to emphasize the real truth behind this tool and the performance score to client if he or she wants to see 100/100 score in PageSpeed Insights.

Importance of PageSpeed Insights:

Just because the score of PageSpeed Insights does not matter that much, it doesn’t mean that this tool fails to hold its importance. It is not a clever point to actually abandon the use of this tool completely. You just need to avoid focusing your efforts on chasing score, which might get you nowhere in this business.

Instead, this tool needs to be used as diagnostic tool for helping to determine the reasons causing slower loading times, low conversions and higher bounce rates. You need to be very cautious of that. Sometimes, Google tools can prove to be rather frustrating and misleading at the same time. An article by Andy Schaff clearly states him using responsive image solution from Google’s very own webP format on Unfortunately, PageSpeed Insights fails to detect it but the Chrome extension did.

A major controversial topic:

It is true to state that use of PageSpeed Insights and the importance of good performance score is a rather controversial topic. It is clever to just follow metrics with direct indication of overall health of business into consideration and not just focusing on score in these tools. Instead, you need to focus on ways to optimize site for user experience and speed.

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