How to find out a good boarding school

These days most of the families are nuclear and here both the parents are working. So the child does not get proper attention and care from the parents that they are supposed to get. So, most parents these days try to send their child to a good boarding school.

The fee structure of boarding school in Dehradun is available on the online sites of the school. But before sending the child to the boarding school, one must need to find out the following things. If these factors are present in that school, then they can be considered a good boarding school.

The first thing one needs to check is the teaching staff of the school. Yes, this is the most important factor here. The teaching staff should be good enough so that they can make each and every subject easier to learn for the students. Boarding school teaching staffs should be a bit different because they need to take some extra care of the students as these students stay away from their parents all alone.

Apart from the teaching staff, one also needs to check with the non teaching staffs as well who are involved with the school. You have to find out whether they spread positive learning experience to the children and also how efficient they are in handling them. So it is always a good idea to check the matrons, the security guards and other non teaching people who are involved in the institution because they also play a vital part in your child’s boarding life.

Good boarding schools have some nice and proper infrastructures. They do have a lot of resources and trainers for extracurricular activities. So your child can grow up learning a lot of things. Their learning not only gets restricted to studies but they can do other things like playing sports, attending theatre classes or painting classes or going for dance and music courses depending on what they love to do.

Boarding schools maintain certain rules which are otherwise not maintained in a daily life. Here, each and every student needs to follow a particular routine and no one can bend that rule except for any emergency. This brings in a sense of routine and behavioural pattern in every student who studies there. They get the usual good habits like waking up early and going off to sleep early. They eat maintaining a particular clock. Also they need to do their own work like taking their own plates and eating their own food, taking shower and wash their clothes from a very early age. These are the good habits that stay with them for the rest of the life. Also they become disciplined and responsible which are additional advantages.

Boarding schools in Dehradun and Mussoorie have their own selection procedure when it comes to admission. The forms are mostly available online which the parents need to fill up properly and submit. Then there is an entrance test conducted according to which the admission is done.