Adelaide Migration Agent: New Reforms of Government: Changes to Work and Skilled Visa March 2018

The Australian government by 18 March 2018 introduced changes to both new improvements and temporary and permanent work and skilled visa programs. The goal of these reforms is to ensure that Australian workers are given priority over skilled workers when it comes to fulfilling skilled Australian businesses.

The Government introduced that these changes have been prepared to make sure proper and appropriate structure and system for bringing skilled foreign workers to Australia during the preference for Australian workers.

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Changes in working visa programs include the following:

457 visa termination: Working Visa 457 is no longer accessible and it has been replaced by the new temporary skill Short Visa (Subclass 482). No other application can be filed for 457 now.

Age restriction: Employer age requirement has been changed for a maximum age requirement of 45 years and employer enrollment scheme (subclass 186) Visa (ENS Visa) and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa (Subclass 187) Visa (RSMS visa).

Years of working experience: For Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186) Visa (ENS Visa) and Regional Sponsored Migration Plan Visa (Subclass 187) Visa (RSMS Visas) and Temporary Skills Short Visas (Subclass 482), at least 2 years, work experience of at least 3 years is necessary.

Stricter Employer Obligations: The employer must have applied and approved as a sponsor before the nomination and employers will have to meet the temporary skilled migration income threshold for the Australian market wage rate employee. An employer nominating an employee for the INS or RSMS visa will have to contribute to the Skilling Australian Fund.

High English language ability: Applicant will be subject to harsh English language abilities.

Skill assessment is required: Under the De Stream, all applicants will be required to assess their skills for RSMS Visas.

Changes in the list of eligible occupations: Only nomination scheme (Subclass 186) is available for Visa (ENS Visas) on Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills Short List (MLTSSL). Many businesses have now been removed from this list.

Changes in relation to the renewal of visa for new applications: Applicants are permitted only for a coastal visa the renewal for those who have applied under the short-term stream of new temporary skill short-visas (subclass 482). The opportunity to apply for permanent residence qualification for the applicants under the medium term stream has been changed after three years.

Training benchmark: Direct Entry Stream nominations will still need to meet training benchmark requirements.

TRT stream nominations will still need to meet the training compliance requirements.

Labor market tests: All nominees require a labor market examination and must be completed even within six months before enrolling. Nominated position must be advertised and at least two ads should be published. Advertisements should be published or advertised on the recruitment website, newsletter, and radio or company website (only when the company is a recognized sponsor).

Penal inquiry: If the applicant and their dependents are sponsored by a sponsored sponsor, then they have to attach a reference to their recognized sponsor that they are good characters and they have not been convicted for any criminal offense.

So what does this mean for existing working visa holders? In many circumstances, existing visa holders will not affect these new changes provided they are not applying for a new visa, or employers changing. These changes will only affect an existing holder when their current visa will be valid or they are changing jobs.

If you are unsure about the changes on any of these issues or for more information or clarification, please contact the Adelaide migration agent.