9 Web Development Trends You Can Expect in 2018

Web development is a constantly changing field with new technological advancements happening everyday and user expectations also increasing. Professionals are looking to fashion useful and intuitive digital experiences that are accessible on all sorts of devices and are always on the lookout for new languages or frameworks in addition to extensions and web applications that can help them in the purpose. We present to you a few web development trends that are expected to be popular among members of the development community this year.

1. Functional Programming Aided By JavaScript Enhancements

Functional programming, based on the theory of developing software through fundamental principles is expected to be used a lot this year by professionals. It involves the composition of pure functions which are easier to test as they are more predictable than object oriented code while avoiding mutable data and shared state. JavaScript has a big role to play in this as its programming methodology of breaking a program into small functions is ideal for the process and the recent improvements made in the form of ES6 and ES7 will make it even more convenient.

2. Growing Popularity Of Single Page Applications (SPA)

Single page applications are websites that dynamically update a page while a user is interacting rather than loading new pages from the server. Cutting down on the waiting time and page reloads, these applications developed mainly with JavaScript based frameworks like React and Angular have been extremely helpful in providing an enhanced user experience across all types of devices. The content being presented seamlessly in a single space makes for better conversion rate which is making SPAs popular with more and more website owners.

3. Continuing Rise Of Vue JS

Vue JS, the opens source JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces, right from the time it was created by Evan You in 2014 has gone from strength to strength every year and this year is expected to be no different. The framework has been designed in such a way that it can be integrated with other libraries for the creation of the user interface. Vue Js is a favourite of developers because of its lightweight nature and flexibility.

4. Development Of More Compatible Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are pieces of code written in HTML,CSS and JavaScript which can add new features by modifying the functionality of a browser. Earlier these extensions were being specifically for a browser but now extensions that are compatible with multiple browsers are being developed and this is one of the key web development trends that will be even more visible this year.

5. Progressive Web Applications (PWA) Will Become More Important

Progressive web applications have become extremely important for present day developers as these applications have the capability of providing the seamless experience and functionality of native apps on mobile browsers. The re-engagement and conversion rates of these applications are very high and this fact contributes to their growing importance.

6. Increase In Popularity Of Real Time Web Apps

With the rising demand of faster interactions by users, real time web apps that facilitate immediate transmission of information from a server to a user, will continue to see a rise in their popularity. There is no need for a visitor to request for the information which is provided to him/her the moment it is available through a websocket that keeps the connection between them open.

7. Chatbots Will Be More Visible

There will be an increase in the visibility of chatbots as these constantly available assistants that can handle multiple customers at the same time without any decline in their efficiency. These bots let owners save money while improving customer satisfaction and a lot of people are asking developers or migrating from other platforms using facilities like Converting PSD to WordPress services, to add these amenities to their interfaces.

8. Motion UI Becomes More Significant


The significance of Motion UI has grown because of the fact that it lets professionals to animate content even if their knowledge of JavaScript or jQuery library is limited. Intuitive designs that enable content that is easily searchable and displayed is made possible with this technique and if it is employed after proper UI/UX research, it can prove to be extremely advantageous.

9. Increasing Significance Of Mobile Web Development

The growth in traffic from smart devices has made it mandatory to invest in development of mobile-friendly interfaces and mastering different aspects of mobile web development has become essential for every web developer. Devising interfaces that can be rendered and navigated easily by smart device users is one of the biggest challenges that professionals will face this year.


The constantly changing nature of the industry is reflected by each of these web development trends and the knowledge of these techniques or features will be helpful to any professional looking to create highly attractive and productive web interfaces.



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