8 Tips for Sustained Weight Loss

When the successful weight loss videos are shown in TV, no one highlights the importance of maintaining the weight after cutting the extra fat. A study has reported that only one in Five people, who have reduced weight, do end up maintaining it in long run. A successful weight loss means that you have reduced 10% of initial body weight and maintain it for the next 12 months.

The longevity is the part that the rest 4 out of 5 miss out, so let’s take a look at tips to reduce your weight and the ways to maintain the successful program going on.

Eat more Vegetables

The important factor of your diet should be to have low-calorie density foods like fruits and veggies. These are filled with Bulk, Fiber, and Water that would make you feel full without eating a lot.

Important thing to note in this is, once you send those fruits and veggies through the juicer all the beneficial fiber is removed. The more of these foods you have in your meal, would reduce the chances of eating calorie-dense foods.

Homemade are the best

If you had already started a program and are into the cruise mode, I am pretty sure you would have already added homemade food into your recipe more by now. The food that you cook can be monitored as per your diet.

With the arrival of Internet, everybody could find videos about their favorite dishes. All you need to do is concentrate and you could make tasty and healthy food right at your kitchen.

Protein Rich

According to various researches high-protein diets and meal replacements are effective strategies to maintain your weight.  Usually people just need to change their track of lifestyle, which in many cases are the reason for weight gain and laziness in people.

Cut back on liquid calories

It’s better to avoid to things, such as soda, alcohol, and fruit flavored juices, while you are in weight loss program. It’s advisable to drink fresh fruits and herbs juices.

 Step-off sometimes

It’s okay to step off from your diet for a while. Lose yourself a little, you have worked hard to lose weight, and time for more social interaction is on. Go out have chocolates, alcohol or French fries, occasionally.

Keep a check on weight

Have a track on your weight and keep a track of things happening with your body. If you have started increasing, instead of panicking, just hit the gym and reduce the extra weight again.

Exercise more

Research shows that eating habits is major reason when it comes to weight loss, but exercise takes over once you reach your goal.

Stay the course

Maintaining your weight loss will become easier as you integrate the whole program as a part of your life.

Losing weight is the easier part, maintaining same is the factor that requires more dedication. Keep up to your diets and workout regularly. This will surely lead you to a healthier life. Many programs have been initiated for weight loss treatment in Chennai, do use one of them, if you need a professional help.

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