Content writing can be a very challenging and competitive thing to do and it also holds great significance in modern day era. As easy as it may seem, content writing can come with different challenges, and these may sometimes lead to a number of errors.

In a student’s life, content writing or writing on a certain topic is a fundamental part. Students have to write presentations, assignments and what not. But due to several reasons and sometimes lack of experience students may make mistakes and these mistakes may end up with them getting a not so impressive grade.

There is no lie in the fact that advancement in technology has made physical labor easy for humans, but it has also done a lot more than just easing the physical labor. Progress in technology has also led to ease in mental labor. Thanks to the internet, writing on any topic is very easy. Not only that, but the several tools that internet provides users with also elaborates and expands the productivity of one.

These tools make content writing for students and everyone else easy! All these tools provide different features that may help the students in one way or another. Here are the top 5 content writing tools that will definitely make the life of a student easy.


Now, grammar mistakes are one of the most common ones that you can make. Making a lot of grammar mistakes will not only leave a bad impression but will also bring your grade down. You can write the perfect information but grammatical mistakes and errors will make it unattractive.

When dealing with writing a lot of words, even if you pay full attention you might still make some grammatical errors. This complexity has a solution. All credits go to the fully free website Grammarly that is trusted by a majority of the audience. Grammarly highlights your errors and also shows the correction of your mistake. Fixing your mistakes using this website is totally easy and it also only takes a click.

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Theusaurus.com is an app that allows you to look for synonyms and antonyms of almost every word. If you think you are using the same words again and again, you can look for some alternatives on this app. Using new words can create a very good impression of your assignment and searching for the synonyms of different words might end up taking forever but due to this website, searching for words is now just a click away.

Thesaurus is a very trusted website. It is also cost free. New words make a suitable impression and don’t bore the reader as well so, if you are thinking of creating a long-lasting impression then this is the right one.


One of the most common mistakes students make is plagiarism. If your teacher checks for plagiarism and if your text has plagiarism, it will not literally create the best impression. Even if you change all the texts, there might still be little plagiarism but due to plagiarism checker, you can check if your text is a 100% genuine free of cost!


Wordcounter helps you detect the words that you have overused in your content. Repeating words again and again will bore the reader and also not have the desired effect on the person who is reading your content. If you do not want to re-read your article in search of the words that you repeated, you can simply use this tool.

It highlights all the words that you have used more than once.


Teachers can really sometimes get to you by putting it on you to choose the topic you want to write on. If you cannot come up with a nice or decent topic to write on, try this website. It will help you generate ideas. The ideas are unique and not done before.

It will really save you a lot of thinking.

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