10 Tools By Which You Can Easily Increase Your Productivity In 2018

Nowadays the competition is very high in everywhere where your eyes can go. We can see everyone is competing with everyone to reach their self at the top positions. Each and every person in the world want to be productive. In fact, most of the people are finding ways to become more productive as they already are.

Apps, tools and the frames of mind you used to get your things done will not make you productive. Improving your productivity is all about using tools and processes that make your system produces and you can work according to that system to improve your skills and focus on your work.

Everyone wants to improve their productivity according to the time so here I am talking about 10 tools which can help you to maximize your productivity:


1. Task Manager/Project Manager

In task manager/ project management tool you can learn to do your things on time and this tool will make sure that you are doing the right things. This tool will help you to improve your productivity at next level. You can learn many things from this tool even you can manage your work easily with the help of this tool. Here I am going to tell you about some tools you should use to improve your productivity.

 2. Boundaries

To make your day more productive you have to make boundaries to your own routines so that you will do your work within time. You have to save your time and energy for the things which are important for you, if you will know about the importance of the things in your life at that day you will become productive in your own eyes. Do all the things according to their priorities. Always set up a boundary and work under that boundaries if you want to do some productive work and reach your goal very soon.

 3. Calendar

A calendar is the most important and useful tool you can use to increase your productivity. Use calendars to remember the important dates so that you will do your work on time. Calendar reminds you the things those are date sensitive. A calendar may be digital or analog, but if you are using digital calendar then it’s great because the digital calendar has the ability to save the things digitally otherwise you have to write each and everything in case of an analog calendar.

 4. Office Document Software

As we know everything will be growing very fast. There are some tools available with the help of those tools you can get your things done with the help of those document creating software. They will help you to make spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. You can use google docs or other offices to make your things done or if you want to get serious then go for Apple Iwork suite and Microsoft office.

5. Unstuck

The main focus of this tool is that it will get you back on your track when you got stuck somewhere.  The best part about this tool is its free of cost and you can get started within 30 seconds. Basically, it will help you out by asking some question about why you are stuck, how stuck and then gives you the best solution to get out. This is the best tools from which you can get back on your track and make yourself more productive.

6. Stay Focused

Most of the people either they are using mac book or windows, all are using Google Chrome for browsing. This tool is one of the best tools you have to make your skills more effective and more productive. You just have to add an extension from the chrome, it basically helps you to save yourself from yourself. This will block all the sites those waste your time and help you to focus on your work properly. It is easy to use and very helpful. You don’t have to pay for this helpful extension, its free of costs. After using this extension of Google chrome you will feel very productive and better.

7. Eating Brain Healthy Food

Research says that if you are eating a proper healthy food then it will help your brain to concentrate on your work. You can see the improvement in the health and functioning of the brain. There are many things which can help you to make products but this is the best thing which will definitely help you to make yourself more productive. This thing not only improves your productiveness, this will also improve the functionality of your brain which is good for you. Some of the healthy things I am going to mention below which can help you to become more productive: 

  • Fish
  • Whole grains
  • Green tea
  • Dark chocolate
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Blueberries

8. Deadlines And Expectations

So basically I am a freelancer and I know very well that how to set unrealistic deadlines or expectations. The best rule to set deadlines is to double the time however long that you will think it will take. This is the best thing and always work for you. By applying this rule you will definitely do your work under the deadlines or maybe before the deadlines.

9. When And How To Say “No”

Remember one thing that once you have set boundaries for you that what you want to do and what you don’t want to do in your life, now you will know that when to say ‘no’ to those work which is not important for you. The best way to make yourself more productive is to remove those stuff from your life which is not important for you. Because if you are not removing the things which are not important for you then those things will create problems in your further future goals.

10. Password

Stop using your guardian’s name or your friends name as your important password. It’s easy to understand. I know many of them are worried that they will forget their password, so make this thing super simple, if you are using the same password then practically you are inviting scammers and hackers into your doorstep. This tool basically helps you to save your password at a secret place. Make your password super complex and save it with 1 password. This tool helps you to secure your password and also help only you to access those websites where your password requires. Nothing matter if you are running a small business or a big business it can probably help you.

There are many things which makes your product or maximize your productivity. But there are few tools or the things I mentioned above which can make me productive each and every day. With the help of these things, I feel more productive. So use those tools in your daily routine and apply them. I am damn sure you will see a change in you after some time and that change will be beneficial for you and for your future. Let’s try these tools to make our self more productive and responsive.

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